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Quality Policy

MARIN ISTANBUL has established a quality management system that organizes SALES, MARKETING, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR ACTIVITIES OF ALL KINDS OF MARINE AND LAND ENGINES in accordance with the demands of its customers and the requirements of the legislation in force. Quality management system within the company in this sense; it covers all activities implemented in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard in order to meet customer demands and applicable regulatory requirements of the services offered and to standardize product quality in accordance with customer requests.

     In line with this:

  • The relevant party (internal / external context) needs and expectations and customer satisfaction based on changing demands on time to identify, demand to respond quickly, to perform and deliver projects on time, quality service and to provide competitive price,

  • To follow high technology and use it effectively in order to keep customer satisfaction constant,

  • To have a customer-oriented approach that our customers can recommend to others,

  • To gain the respect, trust and contributions of all our customers and to increase our service quality; to look at our customers through the eyes of a company and Solution Partner.

  • Making all necessary efforts to achieve optimum quality, reliability, service and efficiency,

  • To increase the knowledge, experience and service quality of the employees with the trainings organized within the framework of quality systems, to use the awareness of continuous development and Total Quality Management together with the employees at all stages.,

  • To provide a participatory atmosphere for our employees and to benefit from these participations in the field of improvements; at the same time to make our employees feel that they are contributing to every product that comes up with this way, no matter which department and task they are working with.

  • To provide regular, clean and safe working environment to increase the efficiency of our employees.

  • Adopting the environmentally conscious business model in line with the philosophy of taking care of the benefit of society

  • To work in awareness of the importance of our activities not only for our company but also in the country's economy and development and to instill this awareness and difference in our team,


Quality is our policy.


We are committed to setting our quality goals, making continuous improvements, constantly reviewing our goals, and disseminating this policy among all our employees.

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